Product Care


All of our ceramics are glazed with  certified food safe and lead free glazes.  Our pieces are microwave , oven and dishwasher safe- although we recommend hand washing you items to best preserve the work, and avoid prolonged soaking in water if the item is unglazed.  Dirt and stains on unglazed surfaces can be removed with a scrub brush and a bit of baking soda. Metal marks from silverware (due to the ceramic being harder than the metal) can be easily removed with  Bar Keeper’s Friend. Do not expose the wares to sudden, dramatic shifts in temperature (e.g. placed into a  hot degree oven from room temperature). All of our work is made with high-quality porcelain. All products are handcrafted. There may be some slight variation in color, texture, and finish. These are not considered flaws.

We source all of our clay locally and are dedicated to a waste-free studio. We recycle all of our scraps and use only non-toxic glazes. Firings are done only when there is a full load, which can slow down production time but saves an immeasurable amount of energy. Our studio assistants and collaborative artists are paid a fair percentage of every item they make, and we aspire to pay them more as they help our company grow.